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Coco is Missing! T_T

Our cat Coco is missing. 

We last saw him Monday, May 27 before we went out to watch a movie. When we came home, we were told that he’s gone & missing. His leash got loose from the hook and he went outside because he likes to rub himself among the bushes. He’s wearing a harness & dragged his leash with him. Whoever, saw him can easily take him because unlike dogs, cats do not bite anyone he doesn’t know. Also, he’s used to people so he’s not really scared to be picked up by anyone. 

Thoughts are running through my mind. I hope whoever found him is just waiting for someone to claim him and would return him as soon as he finds out that someone does own him. I also hope he’s not being maltreated because normally at night he vocalizes a lot and when he’s missing Robert he howls a lot.

We love that cat. He was a gift from Robert 1 1/2 years ago along with Sasha. I raised them myself and they are my babies. My heart is so heavy right now just thinking about him being lost. I hope they feed him. 

I am praying that he gets found & gets returned to us. We posted ads around our area so people can see if they have seen Coco around. 

I am so sad right now. 😦



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Cats are Liquids.

“Cats are liquids.

Liquids take the shape of the container while maintaining constant volume. That’s it. So cats are liquids.”


I saw this photo in Facebook a couple of days ago and I re-posted it on my timeline wall. I realized that this is very much true and I can prove it. LOL.


^ This is Stewie. My first grandcat. LOL. He’s Sasha & Coco’s first baby. I woke up one morning and saw him sleeping in the food bowl. I just had to take a photo because its sooo cute. =^.^=



That’s why when I saw that meme, I found it funny and true.

And so it’s now a universal science – Cats are liquids. ha ha ha.

meow. ~(=^‥^)ノ