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Cosplay: Infested Kerrigan (Star Craft 2)

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Every now & then, I might feature some of my cosplays here in my blog – as long as I get the time to do a nice write-up for them. 🙂 And since it’s the launching of Star Craft 2’s: The Heart of Swarm, I’ll probably begin by posting my Infested Kerrigan costume. 🙂


“Every living thing in the universe will bow before the Queen of Blades, or else they will die. Obedience or oblivion. That is why we fight.” – Kerrigan’s creed


We made this costume last year and I first wore it at the 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention held last March 3, 2012 at Robinson’s Manila and won “Best Female” for it. It’s almost a year already but this still remain to be one of my favorite costumes of all times. 🙂



This was the first costume where we played with other materials. We used latex for the body sculpt here. The other parts, like the arms, thighs & legs are made of rubber, coated with thin fiberglass.


See those wings? It’s made of PVC pipes with metal bracing at the back. I have a brace made of fiberglass which holds the wing bones via butterfly screws. It stands almost 7 feet tall folded and almost 8 feet when spread apart. 🙂 



It’s a little heavy but quite manageable. I think I can stand with it for 3-4 hours straight then I just have to take it off. LOL. The costume is actually 98% done since we didn’t get to finish the shoes when I first used it. 


I did the make-up. Kept it simple but wanted to make it as feminine still despite her being a monster. 🙂

To date,its our most intricate costume ever made and I am proud of it. I thank my team for it  – Benjie & Robert. 

I was also flattered to be praised by Mr. Steve Wang to be one of the best Infested Kerrigan cosplayers he’s seen so far (How awesome was that?). He was the one who originally sculpted the Infested Kerrigan statue for Blizzard Entertainment. 

I’ll probably do another post for the making of this. For now, I hope you enjoy the amazing photos I got from those people who took pictures of me as Kerrigan. 🙂


with fellow cosplayer Erin Joan Yang as the not infested Sarah Kerrigan. LOL.


“You might peel away the prophecy’s layers, Zeratul – but you cannot outrun the doom that awaits us all!” – Sarah Kerrigan


Do watch out for more of my posts on this. You may also visit our page for photos and updates on our cosplays.

Till then.  meow. ~(=^‥^)ノ


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