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My New Cat Hoodie

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I finally received the hoodie I ordered thru the online shop Gurlyglamshoppe.  I accidentally found out about the page when a friend of mine tagged me in one of the photos there. I was tagged on the red hoodie with cat ears & cat pockets. He knew I love cats and I am somehow is into collecting cat stuff so he thought it was a great idea tagging me. WRONG! It was a bad idea! Because, yeah, it made me spend! LOL! The moment I saw it, well, there was no questions asked. I ordered right away. Hehehe.

It was actually my first time ordering an item online. I am usually apprehensive with transactions like these since there are a lot of “scam” stories out there.  And I’m a very easy buyer meaning, if I have the cash, I’d rather pay in full because I might spend it somewhere else.

After a few messages with the page owner, I went with the transaction paying the 50% deposit via western union.

It took a while before the items were ordered because it ran out of stock and was rescheduled to be ordered for the next batch. I didn’t mind. The seller informed me of the delay.

After I followed up last Monday, she informed me that the item is already with her. I paid the balance yesterday and I received the item today. Fast huh?

Here it is tadaaaa!



Although, I think the color is a little off. You see I ordered the red one as in the photo below but in actual, it’s a little pinkish/fuchsia. But anyway, I still like it.


The material is fleece so its soft to your skin. It’s relatively thick, so this would be best for the upcoming rainy season where it would be cold. I actually like it, since I have very thin skin – I easily get cold. I actually am not fond of aircons much and that may also be the reason why I have an OCD with jackets and coats. They’re a staple wear for me.

Cat ears! Love the hood.  ♥


Cat Patch by the left side.


I might change the handle of the zipper. It’s a little thin and I am thinking it might break easily. I’ll change it with a cat pendant or something I can find. Hehe.


The pockets. =^.^=


I wore it at the office. It works and it kept me warm. myaawwwrrrr…



I’m really happy with the item and thank you Wesley for tagging me in the photo. Ha ha ha. And again thank you to the Gurlyglamshoppe for the excellent service. I’ll see what else I can buy from you. Do check out her page. There’s really cool stuff there. ♥


Till then. meow. ~(=^‥^)ノ


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